There are many ways to becoming a leader within Unitarianism. However, some people feel a strong call to become a full professional Minister. Unitarian Ministers lead congregations, serve in chaplaincy roles, represent our movement within the wider community, and offer pastoral and spiritual care.  Answering the call to ministry involves a process of deep discernment.

Without a specific location, Unitarian College offers a flexible approach to training. Training for professional ministry requires motivation and self-discipline to manage the intensive residentials, assignments, placements, online modules, and the study of academic theology.

Unitarian ministry is a graduate profession. Those candidates who come to us without a first degree will be supported through a theology degree alongside their Unitarian College ministry training.

Unitarian College offers professional ministry training to candidates who have been approved by the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches (GA). The process with the GA involves a comprehensive application form, references, and interviews. Look out for our Ministry Inquiry Event that will take place in July 2024. 

If this sounds like you, it’s never too early to start talking to people, doing deep introspection, and gather more details about becoming a Ministry Student.  Check out the next section for more information:



Our courses & events

Ministry Training & Inquiry Session July 2024

Unitarian College trains those accepted by the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches for Unitarian Ministry.

On 31st July a  zoom meeting is being held to answer questions about the application process. 

Worship studies course

Lay Worship Leadership Foundation Course Sept 2024

Our 8-week online Lay Worship Leadership Foundation Course is being offered to those who would like to lead worship across the country with their unique voice .

Junior Weekend Oct 2024

A fun, residential, Unitarian experience for young people aged 7-11 years at The Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow.


"Unitarian College has opened up a path to Ministry that was previously unavailable for me."
Ministry student

"I feel incredibly supported and valued by Unitarian College."
Ministry student

"The courses are student-centred, thorough and intellectually and spiritually nourishing."
Ministry student

Photo of student Arek Malecki with Rev Jo James minister of Mill Hill Chapel in Leeds"The formation of the Unitarian College has opened up the possibility of ministry training to people like me, who otherwise would not have been able to study due to the confines of the modern life. As a modern institution UC is very much in touch with the reality. The training programme is tailor-made to fit each student’s individual circumstances. The content of the course is incredibly rich, covering a vast spectrum of topics, using various methods of teaching and student engagement. The ministry training programme perfectly balances being “down to earth” on one hand, and “looking up to the heavens” on the other, placing emphasis on the practical application of the acquired skills, knowledge and insights in the 21st century British Unitarian congregations. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that we still get the same rich learning experience under the restrictions posed by Covid.

But UC is much more than just an educational establishment. It’s a support network for those embarking on a journey of professional ministry. It’s a space where we, students, learn just as much from each other as we do from our tutors. It’s a space where new friendships are made and future professional relationships are formed."

Arek Malecki - Ministry student

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